Weekly Class Winners

The data collected on Thursday's from the scheme will be converted into percentages per class so that we have averages per class as we have different numbers of children in each class. The winning class will be awarded with a trophy each week in Friday's assembly.

6th July - Crocodiles

29th June - Piglets

25th May - Piglets

4th May - Sheep

27th April - Ducklings

20th April - Piglets

23rd March - Sheep

16th March - Ducklings

23rd February - Piglets

2nd February - Ducklings

26th January - Sheep

19th January - Piglets

15th December - Piglets

8th December - Ducklings

1st December - Ducklings

24th November - Horses

17th November - Piglets

10th November - Ducklings

3rd November - Sheep

20th October - Piglets

6th October - Ducklings