Star Pupil 2018-19

Celebration Assemblies are held every Friday. One pupil from each class is presented with a Headteacher’s certificate and sticker for being the STAR PUPIL in their class. Names of pupils are entered weekly into the special Star Pupil Book and certificates are displayed on our celebration board, located in the entrance to the school. 


Week Ending:  7th December 2018


Name: Lexi


Showing confidence and enthusiasm when learning her lines and partaking in Christmas performance rehearsals.


Name: Kourtine


Trying really hard and showing excellent listening and attention during Christmas performance rehearsals.


Name:  Rishit


His improved concentration in class and progress in writing.


Name: Harriet


Being a great role model for the class.


Name:   Ava


Being a fantastic role model and always working really hard with her learning.


Name:  Lilly


Always being polite and kind to others.


Name: Lena


Her positive learning attitude to her home learning.


Name: Elin


Her great discussions during Destination Reader lessons.


Name: Ruby


Identifying where she needs to improve her writing.


Name:  Molly


Her outstanding effort all of the time.  She is a role model for pupils in Crocodiles' Class.


Name: Jakshija


Working really hard in maths on her presentation and she has written a great persuasive letter in English.


Name: Charlotte


Her effort and progress in writing this week.  She has written a fantastic persuasive letter including many of the year 5 skills she has been taught.


Name: Maya


Her excellent effort with her project homework.


Name: Harvey


His excellent effort with his project homework.



Week Ending: 30th November 2018

Ducklings: Jeremy - Showing determination and confidence in learning all of his lines for the Nativity.
Piglets: Luchia - Trying really hard with her writing and always being a kind and considerate friend.
Chicks: Johnny - Trying really hard in his writing this week and trying to complete more challenging tasks.
Foals: Danielo - Showing great effort in all writing activities.
Horses: Alina - Her fantastic setting description she wrote this week.
Sheep: Amy - Working hard to improve the vocabulary in her writing.
Giraffes: Primrose - Being an excellent friend, hard worker and role model.
Zebras: George - His positive attitude to writing and maths.

Freddie - His effort in all lessons and his behaviour has been amazing.  He has been a real credit to all the class.

Crocodiles: Jack - His fabulous dancing in rehearsals for the Christmas performance.
Lions: Robbie - Over the last few weeks, Robbie has thrown himself into the topic of the Victorians.  He is also a role model for behaviour
Tigers: Riley - The fantastic writing he has produced this term.  He has independently developed his descriptions and is using skills taught to the best of his ability.
Bears: Leroy - His incredibly hard work in Maths and his exceptional contributions to music lessons.
Meerkats: Elise - Always making the right decisions and being a good role model to everyone in Year 6.  Also, she always tries incredibly hard with her work.

Week Ending: 23rd November 2018

Ducklings: Riva - Showing excellent understanding of numbers and being able to find one more and one less than a given number.
Piglets: Isla - Showing excellent understanding of numbers and being able to find one more and one less than a number.
Chicks: Prince - His positive attitude towards learning this week and 100% effort in all subjects.
Foals: Callum - Trying so hard with his Reading and Writing.
Horses: Toby - Always being a fantastic role model for his peers, for always working hard and for being a wonderful friend.
Sheep: Freya - Hard work and determination in all she does!
Giraffes: Sam - Making well thought out and very positive contributions in Reading lessons this week.
Zebras: Casey - Her hard work and perseverance when learning to tell the time.

Alfie - Impeccable behaviour and for the hard work he has put into editing his non-chronological report in English.

Crocodiles: Euan - Being a ray of sunshine within the class and being such a lovely and caring friend to all Crocodiles, even Miss Ingle and Miss Simmons.
Lions: Eva - Always behaving fantastically well and for her wonderful autobiography of Queen Victoria this week.
Tigers: Lowri - Her fantastic Highwayman story that she wrote independently.  She has used some wonder vocabulary and precisely chosen her expanded her expanded noun phrases in her descriptions.
Bears: Tairat - Her outstanding effort in Maths and English lessons this week.  She has worked incredibly hard in each and every lesson and has produced some exceptional work.
Meerkats: Hannah - Fantastic effort with her spellings and for reaching the required spelling standard to be an expected winter.

Week Ending: 16th November 2018

Ducklings: Thomas - Showing a positive approach to his work this week and trying really hard with his writing.
Piglets: Frankie - Getting changed for PE independently and always being a kind friend to everyone in the class.
Chicks: Ophelia -Her participation in class and enthusiasm towards learning this week.
Foals: Eren - Making the right choices.  His is kind and helpful and always tries his best - a fantastic role model.
Horses: Betsy - Being such a lovely and caring friend to all the children in Horses.
Sheep: Lacey - Her hard work and determination when telling the time in Maths.
Giraffes: Shannon - Her great concentration in Maths.  She has really improved her confidence.
Zebras: Lilly - Improved behaviour since the start of the week.

Chloe - Working hard in all subjects and on her Christmas dance in PE.

Crocodiles: Ronnie - His positive and resilient attitude towards his learning.  He is always smiling making everyone happy.
Lions: Keaton - Showing kindness to others and trying his absolute hardest.
Tigers: Holly - Her inspirational attitude towards her learning, both in school and at home.
Bears: Isabella - Her outstanding contributions in lessons and for all her hard work, help and support in Afterschool Club.
Meerkats: Taylor - His outstanding efforts in Maths this week.

Week Ending: 9th November 2018

Ducklings: Connie - Showing confidence when talking in front of the whole class.
Piglets: Jake - His positive attitude to learning and for being a very kind friend.
Chicks: Whole Class - Working so hard this week and for producing amazing work.
Foals: Parviz - Trying really hard to improve his behaviour.
Horses: Noah - His exceptional effort that he has shown in his writing this week.  His work has been a pleasure to read.
Sheep: Eva - Her outstanding participation and effort in all lessons.
Giraffes: Thanojan - His positive attitude towards learning, always being kind and helpful, and an excellent all round model student.
Zebras: Olivia - Her improved writing.

Daniel - Fantastic effort in all lessons.  He has constantly had his hand up, given brilliant answers and has produced some great work.

Crocodiles: Danny - Working incredibly hard on his handwriting and trying to understand his SPaG skills.
Lions: Evangeline - Making fantastic progress in writing and engaging really well with the new reading and number talk sessions.
Tigers: Sianna - Her confidence in Maths.  She is beginning to challenge herself more in lessons and become less reliant on adult support, when reasoning and problem solving.
Bears: Sophie - Her incredible attitude to - and effort in - the new Reading sessions.  She is always engaged, quick to both share her ideas with others and listen carefully to, build upon the ideas and learning of those around her.  Her learning behaviours have hugely impacted on the learning of the entire class.
Meerkats: Hollie - Her fantastic effort in English this week, with her understanding of war poetry.

Week Ending: 2nd November 2018

Ducklings: Willow - Always being kind and considerate to her peers.
Piglets: Blossom - Always being helpful and trying hard with her work.
Chicks: Miley - Always being helpful towards pupils and staff.
Foals: Harry - Returning to school with such a positive attitude to learning.  Well done Harry, keep it up.
Horses: Ruby - Making excellent progress in her writing, as she is working hard to include all her SPaG skills.
Sheep: Abigail - Going above and beyond to produce work to a high standard.
Giraffes: Elizabeth - Showing great confidence and resilience to new and tricky topics and spellings.
Zebras: Hayden - His positive attitude towards his learning and focus in lessons.

Zac - Producing fantastic work in all subjects during his first week back, and has transitioned well to his new maths set.

Crocodiles: Warren - His brilliant effort in his work since he came back, especially in English.
Lions: Ellie - Always being well behaved and trying her hardest in all subjects across the curriculum.
Tigers: Harry - His great start to the new term and excellent contribution in English lessons.
Bears: Ethan - His outstanding contribution to curriculum lessons.  Whatever the subject, he has been keen to share his knowledge and develop his understanding.
Meerkats: Andreea - Working very hard on her writing content presentation, along with working hard in curriculum lessons.

Week Ending: 19th October 2018

Ducklings: Whole Class - Settling in so well to Maypole School.
Piglets: Whole Class - Settling in so well to Maypole School.
Chicks: Ralph - His positive attitude towards his learning.
Foals: Whole Class - Everyone is trying so hard.  Keep it up Foals!
Horses: Gracie - Always being so enthusiastic and having such a positive attitude to school.
Sheep: Louie - His outstanding effort in Maths this week.
Giraffes: Whole Class - Having a great first term back at school and a fantastic effort on Roman Day.
Zebras: Olivia - Her participation in discussions and application of skills in Reading.

Freddie - Freddie's behaviour in class has been lovely this week, and his effort and work in Maths has been brilliant.

Crocodiles: Niharika - Her outstanding effort and attitude towards her work.  Also, for her amazing start to 'Destination Reader'.
Lions: Whole Class - Representing the school so well at the Planetarium.
Tigers: Whole Class - Their outstanding behaviour on the school trip.  They were a credit to themselves and did the school proud.
Bears: Nathan - His outstanding contribution to RE lessons.  He has approached every lesson with maturity, exploring a range of ideas, attitudes and beliefs (including his own) intelligently and with respect and sensitivity.
Meerkats: Harley - His achievement in Maths; all areas covered in steps have been highlighted.  Harley has also been working very hard with his writing.

Week Ending: 12th October 2018

Ducklings: Tommy - Trying really hard to take turns and showing good listening skills.
Piglets: Ella - Being a fantastic role model to other children and always helping others.
Chicks: Jessica - Her progress in Reading and Writing.
Foals: Pramit - Trying so hard with phonics and is becoming better at using them.
Horses: Toby - His fantastic learning over the term.  Toby has a positive attitude and has made excellent progress so far.
Sheep: Maizie - Her hard work and determination in all areas of her learning.
Giraffes: Lucy - Her mature attitude when helping others, as well as her responsibilities in School Council.
Zebras: Vinnie - His sensible behaviour and hard work in English.

Alligators - Putting 100% effort in to his work in all subjects and ensuring presentation is fantastic.

Crocodiles: Whole Class - Their fantastic behaviour this week.
Lions: Lewis - Lewis has made a real effort to improve his presentation, has done well in Maths and worked hard on his space diary.
Tigers: Jack - His positive and hard working attitude to his learning every day.  He's had a fantastic start to the year.
Bears: Ken - His exceptional effort in Maths.  Ken always impresses with his ability to quickly understand and apply new mathematical methods and has worked hard on his reasoning skills.
Meerkats: Tobi - Making a fantastic effort with the content of his work lately and trying very hard with his presentation.

Week Ending: 5th October 2018

Ducklings: Olivia - Coming to school independently and showing a positive attitude towards her learning.
Piglets: Tommy - Being very helpful in the classroom and for becoming more independent.
Chicks: Aanav - Fantastic progress in writing.
Foals: Piper - Trying really hard with her phonics and is becoming more confident with blending when reading.
Horses: George - Making good progress in all subjects and trying his hardest in all his learning.
Sheep: Elsie - Her impressive fraction knowledge and overall progress in maths.
Giraffes: Primrose - Her quiet but consistent effort in all her learning.
Zebras: Toby - His hard work in all lessons and his behaviour around the school.

Kara - Her effort this week, since moving seat in class.  She has been fantastic and the work she has produced in every subject has been to the best of her ability.

Crocodiles: Joshua - His outstanding effort in all of his learning.  He is also such a helpful member of the class.
Lions: Beau - Always being so well behaved and for trying his best at everything he does.
Tigers: Evie - Working hard in all subject this term.  She has made good progress, especially in Maths.
Bears: Chloe - Her wonderful non-chronological report on the Maya.  She has worked so hard at every stage: research, planning, writing and editing.  She has made exceptional progress and should be incredibly proud.
Meerkats: Malahat - Always working hard and setting a good example to others.  She has worked particularly hard in Science this week, playing an active role in her group's work.

Week Ending: 29th September 2018

Ducklings: Charlotte - Always contributing positively to the class by being a lovely, caring friend and being helpful.
Piglets: Bellamie - Being so helpful in the classroom and for always having a smile on her face.
Chicks: Alfie - Excellent listening, hard work and a fantastic attitude towards his learning.
Foals: Alannah - Always trying her best and for being a great help to her friends and her Teacher.
Horses: Vinnie - His fantastic effort in his writing this week.
Sheep: Emilliana - Her outstanding attitude towards her learning this week.
Giraffes: Mahitabel - Great progress in her attitude to learning.
Zebras: Joe - His consistent good behaviour and the effort he puts into his work.

Freddie - His incredible writing this week.  Freddie has written an amazing eight page story, demonstrating a very high quality of work.

Crocodiles: Georgia - For her impeccable work and the amazing effort she puts into everything she does.
Lions: Allanya - Her excellent start to Maypole School.  She has settled really well and written an excellent story already!
Tigers: Leo - His reasoning in Maths.  Leo consistently challenges himself and tackles complex problem solving in lessons.
Bears: Megan - Her enthusiasm and the effort she puts into her learning.  She always attends tutoring and gives her all.
Meerkats: Sophie - Being incredibly enthused about her learning.  She always attends tutoring and puts in maximum effort.

Week Ending: 21st September 2018

Ducklings: Isla - Being kind and considerate to all of her friends in Reception.
Piglets: Amrita - Settling into school so well and behaving beautifully.  Well done.
Chicks: Emilia - Always doing the right thing and being a good role model.
Foals: Jamie - Trying his best in all activities and trying really hard to make the right choices.
Horses: Ava-Grace - Being a fantastic role model and for putting 100% effort in all her work.
Sheep: Oliver - His outstanding effort and behaviour in all lessons.
Giraffes: Liam - His superb effort in both English and Maths.
Zebras: Lenny - Supporting other children socially as well as being focused and applying himself to all lessons.

Daisy - Setting a good example to others and for taking responsibility and showing independence.

Crocodiles: Brooklyn - Always trying his hardest in everything he does, challenging himself.  He is a good role model for the class.
Lions: Grace - Her presentation of work and for trying her best.  In English this week, Grace completed a great character and setting description.
Tigers: Lewis - His effort and enthusiasm in all lessons this week.  He has contributed so well in group discussions, particularly in English.
Bears: Rian - His exceptional work in Maths, English and Curriculum this week.
Meerkats: Shreya - Her excellent efforts to include her newly learnt SPaG skills in class and homework this week.

Week Ending: 14th September 2018

Ducklings: Jasper - Settling in well to school and for showing confidence when making new friends.
Piglets: Alfie - Being a brilliant role model to all the children in EYFS.
Chicks: Hari - Always giving 100% effort.
Foals: Breanna - Super ideas of ways to sort objects in Maths.
Horses: Bobby - Working so hard in all his learning, especially in Maths work this week.
Sheep: Mohammed - His outstanding effort and participation in class this week.
Giraffes: Emma Kate - Always trying her best in class, always listening to others and being a good role model.
Zebras: Millicent - Helping others around the classroom.

Tommy - His impeccable behaviour.  He has also tried very hard during English and produced some brilliant work.

Crocodiles: Petal - No matter what challenge is set for Petal, she always tries her hardest and produces amazing work.
Lions: Bernie - Working really hared all week in maths and with his presentation.
Tigers: Olivia - Her confidence in class this week and in lessons.
Bears: Lemuel - His outstanding effort and presentation of his work, in Maths and English lessons.
Meerkats: Demi-Louise - Trying so hard with all her work especially Maths and Curriculum.  Also, her behaviour has been very good.  Keep it up Demi!

Week Ending: 7th September 2018

Ducklings: The Whole Class - Settling into school so well.
Piglets: The Whole Class - Settling into school so well.
Chicks: The Whole Class - Settling into school so well.
Foals: Max - Trying hard to use his sounds when writing about himself.
Horses: The Whole Class - Settling in well into Horses Class and trying their hardest in all their learning so far.
Sheep: Evie - Writing a fantastic letting using her SPaG sticker sensibly and confidently.
Giraffes: The Whole Class - Settling in fantastically into their new class.
Zebras: Harry - His positive attitude to Year 3 and for using feedback from teachers to improve his work.

Jude - His fantastic attitude towards his work.  He wrote a brilliant ancient Egypt setting description.  Jude has also had lovely manners and a big smile on his face everyday.

Crocodiles: Aaron - His fantastic participation whilst learning about the Egyptians and for his fantastic acting of an Egyptian god.
Lions: Evie - She has settled in really quickly and her presentation this week in English, Maths, Science and Curriculum has been excellent.
Tigers: Ellie - Her effort and attitude towards Year 5 - a role model to the rest of the class.  A fantastic start to the year.
Bears: The Whole Class - Their outstanding attitude, behaviour and effort both inside and outside the classroom, far exceeding Mr Link's expectations!
Meerkats: Onyi - Making a great start to the year, being very helpful and persevering with her Art work.