Star Pupil 2017-18

Celebration Assemblies are held every Friday. One pupil from each class is presented with a Headteacher’s certificate and sticker for being the STAR PUPIL in their class. Names of pupils are entered weekly into the special Star Pupil Book and certificates are displayed on our celebration board, located in the entrance to the school. 


Week Ending:  19th January 2018


Name: Alannah W


Her fantastic attitude to learning and trying hard at lunchtimes to try new foods.


Name: Albie G


Trying really hard with his name writing and behaving brilliantly.


Name: Logan S


Showing fantastic amounts of enthusiasm in every single lesson this week.  He is a positive influence on the class.


Name: Ava A


Her brilliant behaviour and great attitude towards her learning.  She is an excellent role model.


Name:   Chloe T


Being a fantastic role model and having a positive attitude towards school and her learning.


Name:  Lexie T


The fantastic improvement in her writing.


Name: Petal H


Trying so hard in all of her work, setting a perfect example to her peers.


Name: Tilly W


Her progress in fractions.


Name: Michaella M


Always doing the right thing and for her excellent effort in statistics this week.


Name: Olivia M


An amazing attitude towards her work and outstanding behaviour in class and around the school.


Name: Isabella T


Isabella's general attitude is flawless.  She is always eager to answer questions and her work in Maths this week has been excellent.


Name: Maya G


Putting a lot of effort into her English, Guided Reading and PE this week.  We are really proud of her attitude towards her work.


Name: George H


George has really tried to excel himself in writing this week, putting in maximum effort into his story writing.  He has also tried hard with his behaviour this term.


Name: Pari S


Her consistent hard work and outstanding effort in all subjects.


Week Ending: 12th January 2018

Ducklings: Yannick S-D - Settling in really well to Ducklings' Class and trying really hard in his Phonics' work.
Piglets: Star P - Trying really hard with her writing and for being kind to her friends.
Chicks: Noah G - Asking brilliant intelligent questions in Literacy and Science learning this week.
Foals: Bobby W - His amazing effort in his number bonds.  Well done Bobby.
Horses: Blake D - Working so hard with improving his handwriting and spellings.
Sheep: Tahsin A - His hard work and improvement in his writing.
Giraffes: Charlie C - His effort in writing his traditional tales and maths work this week, because it has been outstanding!
Zebras: Frederick B - His focus and use of skills when writing traditional tales.
Alligators: Penn D - An improved attitude towards his work - great effort!
Crocodiles: Billy L - His outstanding attitude and effort towards his learning and around the school.
Lions: Ethan S - High effort levels in all subjects and being a great role model.
Tigers: Nathan M - His effort with all his learning all of the time.  Nathan has done particularly well in Maths this week.
Bears: Molly F - Seeking out extra help to improve her own learning, asking for help whenever she needs it.  Molly always gives 100% in lessons.
Meerkats: Issey H - Her creativity and application of skills in writing.

Week Ending: 22nd December 2017

Ducklings: The Whole Class - Working so hard this term and for a fantastic Nativity performance.
Piglets: The Whole Class - Working so hard this term and for a fantastic Nativity performance.
Chicks: The Whole Class - Fantastic effort in the last two terms.
Foals: The Whole Class - Their fantastic effort and behaviour.
Horses: The Whole Class - Working so hard over the two terms and for an amazing Nativity performance.
Giraffes: The Whole Class - Their behaviour and focus, which has been amazing this week.  Everyone has tried very hard in their Maths investigations and poetry in English.
Zebras: Amelia C - Continually offering to help others and always having a positive learning attitude.
Alligators: Bernie H - Returning back to school after a couple of weeks unwell with an excellent attitude to work.
Crocodiles: Charlie W - Being an absolute superstar in his learning and around the school.  He can be counted on for doing the right thing especially in the last couple of weeks, a role model to others.
Lions: The Whole Class - Kindness, care and being an amazing class.
Tigers: Alfie A - His hard effort all term with his learning.
Bears: Grace L - Despite being new in Term 1, Grace settled quickly and put all of her time and effort into making the most of her Year 6 life, with excellent work and attitude to learning.
Meerkats: Jack M - His effort and enthusiasm towards Year 6's topic this term - especially his outstanding project!

Week Ending: 15th December 2017

Ducklings: Breanna I - Trying extremely hard with her writing and for writing her name so well.
Piglets: Milo B - Being a kind friend and for being a brilliant narrator in the Nativity.
Chicks: Louie M - Improved attitude and effort with his writing in History this week.
Foals: Henry S - His outstanding progress in his reading, writing and maths.  Henry has put maximum effort into his learning.
Horses: Elsa-Rose U - Making outstanding progress across her learning.  Well done.
Sheep: Zachary J - Being an amazing math-magician this week.
Giraffes: Georgia B - Trying so hard in English this week and for writing a beautiful letter explaining why Christmas is important to her.
Zebras: Amelia O - Making excellent progress in Reading so far this year and for always offering to help around the classroom.
Alligators: The Whole Class - A wonderful Christmas performance and excellent behaviour this week.  Everyone should be proud of themselves.
Crocodiles: The Whole Class - Performing so well in the Christmas performance.  We are so proud of you all.
Lions: The Whole Class - Beautiful, enthusiastic singing and for being a kind class.
Tigers: Lara L - Her excellent effort and attitude during music days this week.
Bears: George A - Putting in incredible effort into his homework project, consistently being an upstanding member of Year 6 and for representing the school well in the Year 5/6 performance.
Meerkats: Alana M - Her mature attitude towards her work and friendships.


Week Ending: 8th December 2017


Oliver W - Making good choices and maintaining good focus during carpet work.

Milly R - Making good choices and challenging herself in her work.

Piglets: Alfie L - Making the right choices and being really helpful in the classroom.
Chicks: Lisa-Marie S - Being incredibly kind and helpful at all times.  Lisa-Marie is an absolute pleasure to teach.
Foals: Lottie-Marie S - Showing a great positive attitude towards her writing and reading.
Horses: Daniel O - Working extremely hard in his writing this week.
Sheep: Krish S - His amazing effort in reading and writing.  Well done Krish.
Giraffes: Aaron Z - Always trying his best to achieve his targets and ready to work harder and accept the next challenge.
Zebras: Jude W - His great attitude towards his writing and behaviour is good too.
Alligators: Connor H - Doing really well in his maths tests this week.
Crocodiles: Holly B - Trying her best, her determination and resilience is amazing.
Lions: Onyi O - An excellent maths assessment and always working to the best of her ability.
Tigers: Berry H - Working really hard on Science Day and trying hard in her maths tests this week.
Bears: AJ D - Making excellent progress in his maths this term and putting maximum effort into his work.
Meerkats: Joshua G - All his hard work and enthusiasm towards his learning which has resulted in improved test scores this term.


Week Ending: 1st December 2017

Ducklings: Mollie W - Her fantastic acting and singing in the Nativity practices.
Piglets: Hari J - Always being king to his friends and doing so well in Nativity practices.
Chicks: Gracie D - Writing a beautiful book about the Little Red Hen and being a brilliant classmate to all the children in Chicks' Class.
Foals: Jessica G - Counting and representing numbers to 20 independently.  Well done Jessica.
Horses: Riley McG - Working very hard on his role in the Nativity - always helping others.
Sheep: Sam F - His excellent work in Maths this week.
Giraffes: Megan J - Being a wonderful friend and setting a fantastic example to her peers.
Zebras: Ruby R - Her efforts in her writing to use her targets and all taught skills.
Alligators: Frankie C - Participating more in class discussions and for trying her very best.
Crocodiles: Emelia B - Trying her best and having a fantastic attitude towards her learning.
Lions: Sydney Q - Improved work and attitude in Maths and English and fantastic achievement with his times tables this week.
Tigers: Oliver S - Excellent attitude to learning this term and fantastic effort both in school and out of school to improve his understanding.
Bears: Malin S - Being enthusiastic and inclusive to all, having a wonderful attitude towards her learning and being helpful to her peers.
Meerkats: Trae V - Excellent effort in Maths when working on ratio.  His hard work paid off in his learning.


Week Ending: 24th November 2017

Ducklings: Jonas P - Setting himself challenges and being creative with his learning.
Piglets: Savannah S - Trying so hard during Nativity practices and for being a very kind friend.
Chicks: Tyler C - Tyler is very helpful, has a positive attitude, works hard and makes all of Chicks' Class laugh!
Foals: Vinnie C - Trying so hard in his maths work and his fantastic effort.  Keep it up Vinnie.
Horses: Casey P - Being an excellent role model and always working hard in all her learning.
Sheep: Elizabeth M - Working hard to improve her spellings.
Giraffes: Florence M - Really persevering with her maths this week.  Her attitude to her learning is fabulous.
Zebras: Victoria A - The effort she has put into her time at Maypole.
Alligators: Keaton M - Doing tremendous work in Numeracy this week and for believing in himself.
Crocodiles: Ellie R - Excellent behaviour and attitude towards learning.
Lions: Isabella T - Good work in English and setting an example in class.
Tigers: Taylor W - His outstanding efforts in Maths this week.
Bears: Oliver C - Following all instructions carefully leading to the completion of multiple tasks.
Meerkats: Darcey C - Her outstanding effort in writing this week - her formal letter is her best work yet.


Week Ending: 17th November 2017

Ducklings: Isla A - Trying extremely hard with her phonics' working and making everyone in Ducklings' Class smile.
Piglets: Jessica W - Being a fantastic role model to the other children and for being extremely helpful.
Chicks: Elsie N - Working extremely hard at home and school on her number bonds and getting 100% on this week's test.
Foals: Poppy C - Her fantastic effort in her reading and writing.  Keep up the good work Poppy.
Horses: Eva McK - Working really hard in English and for producing a fantastic fact file.  Well done.
Sheep: William T - Always being a fantastic role model.
Giraffes: Lana F - Always trying his best and working especially hard on his Fantasy story.
Zebras: Zac P - His focus when writing his Fantasy story and continued efforts to improve his spellings.
Alligators: Lewis W - Writing an excellent setting description and for his use of similes.
Crocodiles: Teddy H - A fantastic week.  He has produced very good work and has had a super attitude within the classroom.
Lions: Elsie S - Always displaying a positive attitude to work and she is an excellent role model for behaviour.
Tigers: Kaylee M - Her fantastic effort in writing and also in Maths this week.
Bears: Marwa N - Being consistently excellent across all areas of the curriculum, having a positive attitude to her learning and being a role model to others.
Meerkats: Emmy D - Her confidence when performing and contributing in lessons, especially PE.

Week Ending: 10th November 2017

Ducklings: Leo S - Coming into school with a smile, everyday this week.
Piglets: Aanav P - Trying so hard at school and for being really kind.
Chicks: Harry S - Having a huge improvement in his attitude to learning and his tremendous help around class.
Foals: Rosabella B -Always showing a positive attitude towards her learning and challenging herself.  Well done!
Horses: Esme N - Writing an amazing letter and remembering to use the correct punctuation.
Sheep: Braedon W - His hard work and independence when reading and writing.
Giraffes: Tommy P - Trying his best inside and outside the classroom.  He has returned to school with a positive attitude.
Zebras: Riley F - His improvement in writing and continued efforts in Maths.
Alligators: Chelsy I - Working really hard in Literacy and trying her best to achieve all of her targets.
Crocodiles: Lowri P - Although she finds writing challenging, she has worked as hard and produced super pieces of work.
Lions: Marie-Anne B - Her positive attitude, helping in class, being a Language Ambassador and a fantastic performer.
Tigers: Millie D - Her excellent attitude to topic work and her recall of facts and information, researching at home.
Bears: Amber C - Always having a positive attitude to learning and persevering through all of her work.
Meerkats: Jack H - His improved handwriting and enthusiasm for Y6's topic on WWI.


Week Ending: 3rd November 2017

Ducklings: Lakirah K-M - Always challenging herself in her learning and for being a great friend.
Piglets: Sienna M - Trying really hard to show good listening and for behaving beautifully this week.
Chicks: Eva K - Constantly challenging herself in all learning activities and being willing to help others.
Foals: Abigail P - Her outstanding behaviour, effort and attitude.  Abigail is an excellent role model.
Horses: Joshua M - Reading beautifully and writing a story which he read to the whole class.  He also carved a beautiful pumpkin!
Sheep: Mya A - Her improved attitude towards her learning and behaviour.  Well done Mya.
Giraffes: Brooklyn M - Trying his hardest to be responsible for his own learning.
Zebras: Freddie B - His increased focus in lessons and for helping other around the classroom.
Alligators: Evie H - A fantastic first week back to school; she seems much more settled.
Crocodiles: Sofia K - Always trying her hardest no mater what the challenge.  She brightens up the day, like a ray of sunshine!
Lions: Jayda N - A positive attitude and caring about the environment, keeping it neat and tidy.
Tigers: Harley D - Fantastic effort this week when learning about the Tudors, especially on Hook Day.
Bears: Anushka P - Putting in maximum effort and a positive attitude.
Meerkats: Liza G - Her improved effort and attitude to her Maths and writing.  A great start to term 2.


Week Ending: 20th October 2017

Ducklings: Jamie K - Putting 100% effort in everything he does, including writing his name this week.
Piglets: Whole Class - Having a fantastic first term at school and for becoming more independent each week.
Chicks: Evie W - Being an extremely kind girl who challenges herself and works hard.
Foals: Oliver W - His fantastic progress in all of his subjects.  Well done Oliver.
Horses: Vinnie K - Working really hard this week, especially in English and always helping others.
Sheep: Finn C - Being a wonderful member of Sheep Class, we will miss you.
Giraffes: Lola S - Consistently trying her best and putting in lots of effort in all of her work.
Zebras: Ethan D - His positive attitude and willingness to help others.
Alligators: Lilly H - Being kind and friendly towards others even when they make wrong choices.  Lilly should be proud  of the choices she has made this week.
Crocodiles: Harry P - Always working hard.  He always brightens up the classroom whenever he is around.
Lions: Sophie T - Her positive attitude, enthusiasm and kindness.
Tigers: Isla B - Great progress this term in all areas of her learning, always doing the right thing and a great role model to her peers.
Bears: Ethan H - Improved attitude to learning, efforts in his behaviour and representing the school with high standards in football competitions.
Meerkats: Danielle L - Her effort and attitude towards her work and learning all term.  A fantastic start to Year 6.

Week Ending: 13th October 2017

Ducklings: Parviz T - His positive attitude to learning this week and for his fantastic contribution to phonics' sessions.
Piglets: Teddy R - Settling so well into school and for behaving beautifully.  Well done Teddy.
Chicks: Eddie G - Dramatically improving his attitude to learning and behaving beautifully at all times.
Foals: Tommy D - Making a significant change in his behaviour.  Tommy has an excellent attitude towards his learning.
Horses: Harry R - Harry is a consistent and conscientious pupil who works hard at his English and Maths. This week he has worked particularly hard on his bar models and reasoning.
Sheep: Tyler D - Being a wonderful member of Sheep Class, we are going to miss you.
Giraffes: Danny G - His fantastic effort in all his learning.
Zebras: Freddie L - Challenging himself and checking his work when writing.
Alligators: Ellie T - Her amazing levels of effort in all she does and always being kind to others.
Crocodiles: Billy L - His positive attitude toward his learning and his mature attitude around the school.
Lions: Alecia K - Putting in a lot of effort in all tasks, perseverance every day and being a happy influence in the class.
Tigers: Holly R - Settling back in so well and coping with tests particularly well this week.  She has also helped others with their curriculum this week.
Bears: Francis K - Working hard on his reasoning skills in Maths.
Meerkats: Chelsea M - Her excellent effort in Maths this week and challenging herself.

Week Ending: 6th October 2017

Ducklings: Harriet M - Showing great confidence in herself this week, which has given her new exciting challenges and experiences.
Piglets: Ralph P - Being a fantastic role model to all of the children.
Chicks: Amy B - Being an absolute delight in class and always looking to challenge her learning further.
Foals: Amir A - His outstanding effort in his writing.
Horses: Elin T-S - Being a fantastic role model and always putting 100% into all her work.  Well done Elin.
Sheep: Liam G - His consistent hard work and excellent behaviour.
Giraffes: Charlotte B - Showing a true hard work ethic in all subjects despite her finding things tricky at times.
Zebras: Chloe L - Her improvements in Maths and for supporting others in their learning.
Alligators: Kai W - His massive improvement in behaviour.
Crocodiles: Riley W - Always working hard, he is a model pupil.  He has a fantastic attitude towards his learning and he should be really proud.
Lions: Ethan S - Always being cheerful, helpful and kind to others.
Tigers: Andreea D - Her amazing efforts in all her work and excellent attitude.
Bears: Piper M - Her outstanding attitude towards her assessments, trying her very best.  Well done Piper.
Meerkats: Ella S - Her fantastic biography that she wrote and edited, taking on all the feedback given and working hard on her spellings.

Week Ending: 29th September 2017

Ducklings: Alicia D T - Settling into school really well and coming into school with a smile on her face every day this week.
Piglets: Johnny C - Always being helpful and behaving well at all times.
Chicks: Jake D - Being eager and taking every opportunity to learn through his continuous provision in class.
Foals: Ava-Grace S - Being an excellent role model.  Ava-Grace always puts 100% effort in her work.  Well done!
Horses: George F - His positive attitude towards all his learning.  Well done George.
Sheep: Eren K - His confidence in answering questions in class and working independently.
Giraffes: Warren C - Trying hard in all of his lessons.  His fantastic effort has been great to see.  Well done Warren.
Zebras: Tommy H - His increased independence and positive attitude to learning.
Alligators: Eva S - Always having the right attitude towards work and being polite to others.
Crocodiles: Jack P - Always trying his hardest and his positive attitude towards his learning.
Lions: Hannah B - Good behaviour and perseverance in Maths and English.
Tigers: Shreya B - Settling in well to Maypole School, always setting a good example to the rest of the class and achieving well in English this week.
Bears: Olivia W - Coming back after two weeks' illness and knuckling down straight away to get involved in work.  Well done Olivia.
Meerkats: Reece D - Not only working hard across the curriculum but for supporting others in their learning too.


Week Ending: 22nd September 2017

Ducklings: Phoebe W - Being a very helpful and kind member of Ducklings' Class.
Piglets: Isadora F - Coming into school with a lovely smile and for being very helpful.
Chicks: Rubayet E - His brilliant attitude to writing about 'Evil Pea' and using the resources in class to help him.
Foals: Lola F - Her outstanding behaviour in Year 1 and excellent effort in all of her learning.
Horses: Ilakkya K - Being a fantastic role model and having a positive attitude towards all her learning.
Sheep: Shannon F - Her hard work and determination to achieve well in Maths and Writing.
Giraffes: Leah B - Her perseverance and positive attitude towards all her learning.
Zebras: Alfie C - His positive attitude to learning and for setting a good example to the rest of the class.
Alligators: William H - His fantastic use of adventurous vocabulary in Literacy.
Crocodiles: Evie Mc - Her outstanding behaviour and attitude within the classroom - a Superstar!
Lions: Whole Class - Their knowledge and involvement with tasks on the Year 5 trip.
Tigers: Whole Class - Representing the school so well.  They were very well behaved throughout the school trip, answered questions in detail and asked some really good ones.
Bears: Ryan K - His positive attitude to learning and general positive behaviour in and around the school.
Meerkats: Amber J - Her effort and dedication to improve her work and for always striving to do her very best.

Week Ending: 15th September 2017

Ducklings: Keira Y - Settling in well to Ducklings' Class, being a good friend and contributing to carpet time discussions.
Piglets: Indi-Rose P - Behaving beautifully and for great tidying up.
Chicks: Evie W - Being a kind and brilliant role model for the class, always making the right decisions and concentrating well during lessons.
Foals:  Skyla Y - She is brilliant at using her initiative in class and even chose to write a fantastic letter.
Horses:  Lenny O'B - His fantastic story this week.  Well done Lenny for sounding out those tricky words.
Sheep: Daisy C - Her excellent behaviour, hard work and wonderful help this week.
Giraffes: Lilly S - Trying incredibly hard, and showing a great amount of resilience.
Zebras: Matilda J - Her improved attitude to her learning and perseverance.
Alligators: Armani S - Excellent behaviour, neat work and always trying his best.
Crocodiles: Olivia M - Always working hard.  Olivia is a delight to have in the classroom and brightens everyone's day!
Lions: William O - Showing maturity, engaging with tasks and willingness to share answers and viewpoints.
Tigers: Sam P - Writing an excellent character description of the Iron Man.
Bears: Molly F - Always being willing to put her hand up in class to answer or ask a question, even if she gets it wrong.
Meerkats: Gobinath P - His excellent work in Maths this week, applying all of his skills and challenging himself.

Week Ending:  8th September 2017

Ducklings: Whole Class - Settling in to school so well.
Piglets: Whole Class - Settling in to school so well.
Chicks: Sarai O - Being a lovely new addition to the class.  She has settled in brilliantly, making an effort to be kind to others and showing her fabulous maths skills to her new teacher.
Foals: Lacey W - Writing fantastic sentences about her summer holidays and for her positive attitude.
Horses: Whole Class - Settling into Year 2 really well and working hard in their maths this week.
Sheep: Whole Class - Having a fantastic first week.  Everybody has been well behaved and worked very hard!
Giraffes: Jack H - Always being ready to help when his friends need it and his amazing attitude to learning.
Zebras: Daisy M - The use of descriptive language and positive attitude to her learning.
Alligators: Frankie C - Having a great start to the year - a positive attitude towards learning and particularly a lot in class.
Crocodiles: Leo N - Being a role model pupil and he always works hard.  Well done Leo.
Lions: Tobi K - His maturity and determination in the first week back.

Megan T - Making a great start to Year 5 and trying really hard with the term's topic on 'hook' day.

Bears: Fiona F - Settling into Year 6 perfectly and making an impact with outstanding politeness and presentation - A wonderful start to the new year.
Meerkats: Jeremiah M - His fantastic attitude to Year 6, working hard and setting a great example to others in the class.