Star Pupil 2017-18

Celebration Assemblies are held every Friday. One pupil from each class is presented with a Headteacher’s certificate and sticker for being the STAR PUPIL in their class. Names of pupils are entered weekly into the special Star Pupil Book and certificates are displayed on our celebration board, located in the entrance to the school. 


Week Ending:  22nd September 2017


Name: Phoebe W


Being a very helpful and kind member of Ducklings' Class.


Name: Isadora F


Coming into school with a lovely smile and for being very helpful.


Name: Rubayet E


His brilliant attitude to writing about 'Evil Pea' and using the resources in class to help him.


Name: Lola L


Her outstanding behaviour in Year 1 and excellent effort in all of her learning.


Name:   Ilakkya K


Being a fantastic role model and having a positive attitude towards all her learning.


Name:  Shannon F


Her hard work and determination to achieve well in Maths and Writing.


Name: Leah B


Her perseverance and positive attitude towards all her learning.


Name: Alfie C


His positive attitude to learning and for setting a good example to the rest of the class.


Name: William H


His fantastic use of adventurous vocabulary in Literacy.


Name: Evie Mc


Her outstanding behaviour and attitude within the classroom - a Superstar!


Name: Whole Class


Their knowledge and involvement with tasks on the Year 5 trip.


Name: Whole Class


Representing the school so well.  They were very well behaved throughout the school trip, answered questions in detail and asked some really good ones.


Name: Ryan K


His positive attitude to learning and general positive behaviour in and around the school.


Name: Amber J


Her effort and dedication to improve her work and for always striving to do her very best.

Week Ending: 15th September 2017

Ducklings: Keira Y - Settling in well to Ducklings' Class, being a good friend and contributing to carpet time discussions.
Piglets: Indi-Rose P - Behaving beautifully and for great tidying up.
Chicks: Evie W - Being a kind and brilliant role model for the class, always making the right decisions and concentrating well during lessons.
Foals:  Skyla Y - She is brilliant at using her initiative in class and even chose to write a fantastic letter.
Horses:  Lenny O'B - His fantastic story this week.  Well done Lenny for sounding out those tricky words.
Sheep: Daisy C - Her excellent behaviour, hard work and wonderful help this week.
Giraffes: Lilly S - Trying incredibly hard, and showing a great amount of resilience.
Zebras: Matilda J - Her improved attitude to her learning and perseverance.
Alligators: Armani S - Excellent behaviour, neat work and always trying his best.
Crocodiles: Olivia M - Always working hard.  Olivia is a delight to have in the classroom and brightens everyone's day!
Lions: William O - Showing maturity, engaging with tasks and willingness to share answers and viewpoints.
Tigers: Sam P - Writing an excellent character description of the Iron Man.
Bears: Molly F - Always being willing to put her hand up in class to answer or ask a question, even if she gets it wrong.
Meerkats: Gobinath P - His excellent work in Maths this week, applying all of his skills and challenging himself.


Week Ending:  8th September 2017

Ducklings: Whole Class - Settling in to school so well.
Piglets: Whole Class - Settling in to school so well.
Chicks: Sarai O - Being a lovely new addition to the class.  She has settled in brilliantly, making an effort to be kind to others and showing her fabulous maths skills to her new teacher.
Foals: Lacey W - Writing fantastic sentences about her summer holidays and for her positive attitude.
Horses: Whole Class - Settling into Year 2 really well and working hard in their maths this week.
Sheep: Whole Class - Having a fantastic first week.  Everybody has been well behaved and worked very hard!
Giraffes: Jack H - Always being ready to help when his friends need it and his amazing attitude to learning.
Zebras: Daisy M - The use of descriptive language and positive attitude to her learning.
Alligators: Frankie C - Having a great start to the year - a positive attitude towards learning and particularly a lot in class.
Crocodiles: Leo N - Being a role model pupil and he always works hard.  Well done Leo.
Lions: Tobi K - His maturity and determination in the first week back.

Megan T - Making a great start to Year 5 and trying really hard with the term's topic on 'hook' day.

Bears: Fiona F - Settling into Year 6 perfectly and making an impact with outstanding politeness and presentation - A wonderful start to the new year.
Meerkats: Jeremiah M - His fantastic attitude to Year 6, working hard and setting a great example to others in the class.