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Buster's Book Club is back!

For those of you who have children in Year 1-6, you may remember the school taking part in this pilot reading initiative last year. The aim of this was to encourage more children to read at home and to develop a love of reading for pleasure. As we were able to see the positive impact this had on a number of children reading at home each week, we have decided to take part in the scheme once again. For those of you who are new to the scheme, the details below outline the expectations for the children of each year group.

The children have been given a bookmark, which states the target time that they are aiming to read on one day. This should last them until the end of Term 2. Bookmarks must be returned to school every Thursday morning so that the amount of time can be totalled for your child's class and compared against the other classes in school and other schools involved in the project.

This will begin on Thursday 15th September 16 and can be for any day of reading from the past week.

The target times are as follows:

  • FS & Year 1 = 10 mins
  • Year 2 & 3 = 15 mins
  • Years 4,5 & 6 = 20 mins

This time can be spent reading school books, magazines, newspapers or other books of interest, etc. This also includes being read to or listening to audio books. 

The only thing we are asking of parents is to fill in the bookmark or check that your child has completed this accurately themselves.  This needs to be done once a week (preferably on a Wednesday night) to say how much time your child has read (or been read to) for one day in the week from Thursday to Wednesday. You do not need to add up the whole week, just the amount of time for one day (or the day they spent the longest amount of time reading). If your child goes over their daily target, this will be calculated too so can be included on their bookmark.

The data collected on Thursday will be converted into percentages per class so that we have averages per class as we have different numbers of children in each class. The winning class will be awarded with a trophy each week in Friday's assembly. In addition to this, one child per class will be chosen as the 'Reader of the Week' by their class teacher and will receive a certificate to be displayed in their classroom for the week.

I hope that you will be able to help to support us in this and encourage your child to read as much as possible at home.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or your child's class teacher. 

Mrs C Hunnisett
KS2 English Subject Leader




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