Term 1 Week 3

Good news! I've been much better behaved this week and haven't been in Timeout at all. I've been far too busy with the children and staff to get into too much trouble. I have loved my time in with the children in Lions class this week - I think they enjoyed it too. They gave me treats and threw my ball for me so I could chase it. I have also started to visit lots of other classes to check who I think should be the best behaved class. It has been such a difficult decision to make but next week, I will be spending my lunch times with Sheep class. I'm really excited about it because I've not spent much time in KS1 so far. After school on Wednesday, Mrs Fry bought her dog, Belle, in to meet me. We had great fun running around the field together (see my video below). In the mornings, I've been meeting the children as they've come into school and some afternoons, I've been able to see them as they leave too. Everyone tries to make a fuss of me, which is nice, but I'm more interested in seeing what I can find to chew on. Leaves and twigs are my favourites! I've also been in with some of the Year 6 children during Guided Reading this week. I tried to listen carefully to what they were saying but sometimes I got a bit distracted. My trainer is coming into school next week so hopefully she will be able to help me to focus more. This is the first week that I have been in school every day and I am definitely ready for the weekend. I wonder what next week will bring!


Term 1 Week 2

What a busy week I have had! I have spent time with the children in Tigers class this week as they were the best behaved class last week - I can see why. All of the children in Tigers have been calm and welcoming when I have been with them this week. They have also been quiet, which has helped me not to worry. I liked the fuss that they made of me and they also gave me treats. Some of the children tried getting me to do some of my tricks too - I'm getting really good at 'sit', 'lay', 'stay', 'roll' and 'speak'. I've been told that I will be spending my lunchtimes with Lions class next week - I can't wait! I've also been running around and chasing after my tennis ball on the field at break time. It's really noisy outside at break and I'm glad that the children have been on the playground rather than up on the field. I'm still getting used to how busy school is so hearing them all from a distance is helping me a lot. I've also heard that all classes have decided that they want to spend time with me for a reward for good attendance and punctuality - I wonder what my reward will be for good attendance and punctuality? I'm going to be welcoming the children into school in the mornings from next week and saying goodbye to them at the gate at the end of the day. I hope everyone doesn't try to crowd me like they did last week - I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. I've been bought a new coat to help keep me warm and protect me from the rain - I'd rather be tucked up in my bed when it's raining to be honest. With all of that going on, I hope I get some time for a nap. Unfortunately, I did go to Timeout this week - chewing through leads is not appropriate behaviour apparently. I will try harder to behave myself next week.

Term 1 Week 1

I have been getting used to life at Maypole this week. It is very different compared to the summer holidays. There are a lot more people around and it is noisier too. During the holidays, I was allowed to walk around school off of my lead but now I have to keep it attached - hopefully I can be free again soon! I am still learning about where I am allowed to go and what I am allowed to do. I love running around on the field and when I am tired, I sleep in my bed in the office with Mrs Hunnisett, Mrs Brown and Mrs Caselton. On Wednesday, I met the children from Years 1 - 6 in assembly. My heart was pounding - I've never seen that many people in one place before! All of the staff make me feel safe and they like to stroke and cuddle me a lot. The children seem to be really lovely but some of them are quite loud and it scares me at times. I've been told that I will spend some time with the children in the best behaved class next week - I'm a bit nervous about it because some children keep trying to grab hold of me when I walk down the corridors but I will try to be brave. I am looking forward to relaxing over the weekend - being in school is very tiring!