Walk to School Wednesday

This scheme is aimed at encouraging children to walk to school or park and stride. Walk on Wednesday is a scheme that is similar to the incredibly successful and hugely poplar Buster's Book Club. It will involve rewards for children that are able to walk to school on a Wednesday and the winning class will also be awarded with a trophy and feature on the school website.

The aim of this initiative is to encourage children to walk in to school on Wednesdays. The scheme has been provided by the KM Charity forum and is known as Walk on Wednesday (WoW).

We understand that is may not always be possible to walk to school due to living arrangements. However, we would appreciate the support of as many as possible in walking to school just once a week. Walking on Wednesday can include 'Parking and Striding' which involves parking aways from the school site and walking the final leg of the journey into school. This should be approximately a 5 minute walk. Not only will it hopefully reduce the number of cars entering the car park, it will also help energise children and preparing them for the school day.


Maypole WOW Weekly Results

Each week at the Friday Awards Assembly a class will be given recognition for their participation in WOW (Walk on Wednesday).