Reading with your Child

Reading is such an important part of any person’s learning. Books should be interesting and exciting. Whether it’s discovering the intricacies of Monster Trucks or healthy eating, experiencing the dilemma within Louis Sachar’s writing or enjoying the comedy and conflict epitomised by Roald Dahl, reading is important.

All children take part in guided reading sessions across the week. All classes operate a carousel system of activities, for example; reading journals (activities such as character description and writing alternative endings), comprehensions, independent reading, shared reading, text tasks and sound matching.

In the adult led sessions children read at their own pace, read aloud, discuss the text with each other and the adult plus answer questions related to the text. These sessions are high tempo and at KS2 usually involve books the children have read in preparation. The questions are designed to elicit the children’s ability and knowledge around a particular assessment foci with a narrower learning objective; eg: AF3 deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas from texts – the learning objective may be; to interpret how a character is feeling from the language used.



Please take time to look through the documents below to help with Reading with your Child.