Pastoral Care


At Maypole Primary School our aim is to provide the highest quality pastoral care throughout the school. All staff work together to help pupils at Maypole achieve their best, educationally, socially and emotionally. 

Every member of staff is committed to supporting the emotional health and well-being of all our children and their families. We are happy to speak to pupils and parents/carers about any concerns they may have. However, we also have a dedicated Pastoral Care Team, led by Mrs Jacqui Brown, Assistant Headteacher who is responsible for ‘Inclusion’ within the school. Her work is supported by all staff but particularly Mrs Sam Gibson, Pastoral Support Worker and Mrs Jacquie Hart, School Counsellor. 

Our children are encouraged to make the most of their time at Maypole Primary School, so every effort is made to remove obstacles to successful learning and to equip young people with the confidence and skills to be enthusiastic learners and effective members of the community. 

Our aims are:

  • To provide an environment which will support the emotional health and well-being of all our pupils.
  • To support and empower families who are experiencing challenges.
  • To meet the differing needs of all our children so that each unique child is equipped with life-long skills.
  • To help our children develop empathy for social, spiritual, emotional and physical needs within the school.
  • To maintain an atmosphere in which children feel secure, are encouraged in their learning, growth and social development and know that they are valued within a healthy and safe environment.
  • To model for parents/carers that their children are being educated in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • To motivate pupils to recognise and reflect upon our core values which are: Inclusion, Determination, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence.
  • To promote positive relationships with parents/carers through good communication and interaction.
  • To enhance parental awareness of how children learn and the importance of education.
  • To work with a range of stakeholders, parents, support staff, outreach agencies and other schools to ensure the best outcomes for every pupil.

Support in School

We have two ‘Friendship Clubs’ which run every lunchtime, one in the Rainbow Room and the other in the Reception Playground. Both clubs are supervised by members of staff who are available to talk and play with children who may be feeling vulnerable.

A place to talk….. Jacquie, our school counsellor can be found in the Rainbow Room on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes. Children are welcome to speak to Jacquie about anything.

Mrs Gibson is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes to talk and play with children.

Mrs Brown can be found every lunchtime in one of the two Friendship Clubs and is happy to meet with children to talk through anything on their minds.

Peer Support for children

At Maypole School we believe that with the right training and support, children can help each other to manage low level situations in the playground. This works really well and the children enjoy helping one-another. Adults are always supervising and will assist if needed. The children learn to respect one-another and this inclusive approach helps to boost self-esteem amongst pupils.

Buddies - Children from years 4-6 have been trained by Mrs Caselton, Assistant Headteacher for Curriculum, to support children struggling with friendship and minor conflicts in the playground.

Playmakers - Children from years 5 and 6 have been trained by Mrs Caselton to organise games and activities in the playground at lunchtimes.

If you would like support with any issue, school or home related, please get in touch today

  • Speak to any member of staff you feel comfortable talking to.
  • Contact Mrs Jacqui Brown by email: or via the school office.
  • Contact Mrs Claire Crow via the school office.
  • Use our new Whisper button- this will be active by the beginning of Term 5.

What is SWGfL Whisper?

SWGfL Whisper is a reporting service offered by South West Grid for Learning as part of its BOOST suite of online safety services for schools. The service, hosted by the Grid, consists of a website button/link that launches an online talk-box to capture information for anyone who needs to report issues to the school. That information is then sent to an email address nominated by the school. It also has an alternative SMS service that uses a school specific telephone number to send information. Both services can be regarded as anonymous if you choose to withhold your personal information.

Who is the service for?

The service is an open reporting route for any concerns that a whole school community might have. In particular issues that affect the safety and well-being of children, young people and staff. It can be used by students, pupils, parents, local community or staff; or anyone who needs to report an issue to the school anonymously.

How do I use the service?

Wherever you see the school SWGfL Whisper button, or use the SWGfL Whisper link for our school. Clicking on these links will take you to the SWGfL Whisper reporting window.

The system does not collect any online information from you. You can choose to leave your name and contact details only if you want to. You can also use SMS to report issues to your school using the contact details that will be on your school website. Again, the system does not record or store your phone number; you leave your details only if you want to.

What can I report?

Sharing things that upset you is not always an easy thing to do. SWGfL Whisper is designed to act as another way you can tell a responsible adult at the school about any issues that you or others might be having. Sometimes this way might be easier than a face to face meeting.

This might include:

  • You or someone else being bullied
  • Something happening online that you do not feel comfortable with and might need some advice on.
  • If you feel somebody at the school is at risk
  • If you have a problem that you need to talk about to somebody

Please do not use offensive language; we may not receive your message. The school systems will filter and block swear words and stop your message getting to the Whisper account.

Other organisations that may be helpful…..

Childline telephone number: 0800 1111