School Entrances



We are delighted that so many families are now using the additional entrance to the school which leads form the public footpath (from Dykewood Close) into the Early Years Reception Outside Area as there is definitely a reduction in the number of vehicles in the car park.

In the near future we plan to have another pedestrian access to the school via Dykewood Close along the path at the side of the Children’s Centre to reduce further the number of vehicles in the car park.

The school is, also, investigating introducing a walking bus scheme, a fun and safe way of travelling to school. Children and parents wear high visibility tabards along the approved walking bus routes, stopping at set points to collect additional passengers. Just like a real bus it even has a ‘driver’, ‘conductor’ and an option to ‘Park & Stride’ for families who live too far away to walk.

Unfortunately, even with several reminders, some parents are still double parking their cars, restricting access to and from the yellow box leading to the nursery and driving dangerously along Franklin Road and within the school car park. The school will continue to send reminders in newsletters and emails via ParentMail but at the moment we believe the only safe way forward would be to close the car park during peak times. We will be monitoring the situation closely over the next couple of months to see if there is an improvement.

Please drive carefully and park in bays so the car park is less dangerous and children are safe.