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Term 4

I am having such a busy term in school. I think I have been in every classroom this term - it's really difficult to remember all of the children. I have been in Year 3 learning about the Stone Age and I was even lucky enough to help them out by digging up artefacts on the school field! When I was in the classroom with the children, I think I did a really job at sitting still on the carpet. Year 6 have been really busy preparing for the SATs and some of the children have even come up to my office to do some extra special learning. Mrs Hunnisett moans at me when I try to jump up on their laps and stop them from working but I don't care - I love the cuddles! Lots of the children always ask about what I get up to when I am not in school. In the evenings, I like to sit and watch the fish swimming around in the fish tank. My favourite one is called a gobi and I like to paw at the tank to show him I am watching! I am looking forward to a rest over the Easter holidays and I have been told that I am having another hair cut too so I will be nice and smart again when I come back in term 5.


Snow Days!

I can't believe how much snow we've had! I love it! Unfortunately, I couldn't spend time on the school field with the children as school was closed but I did have loads of time to run around in the garden at home. I would've stayed outside all day if I'd been allowed to.



Half Term


I have taken my cheekiness to a whole other level. Mrs Hunnisett left me downstairs on my own for one minute so I decided to make good use of my climbing skills. Apparently, I'm not allowed to lay on the dining table. I have been caught three times! Instead, I decided to take all of the sofa cushions off and lay on them - they say 'Keep Calm and Relax' but I've since been told that they are not meant for me. I have been on some lovely long walks and have played with my toys for hours. Luckily, I've been able to fit in some time for afternoon naps too - I am still a puppy you know so I still need my sleep! I have really missed the children though so I am looking forward to going back to school next week.

End of Term 3

What a short term this has been! I can't believe how busy I have been (mostly getting into trouble). It all started when I got taller - so tall that I can now jump up onto desks! Mrs Brown always leaves her gloves on her desk so she shouldn't really be surprised to have found me on there too. I'm also tall enough to get up on the pile of cushions and hide behind the net curtain in Giraffe's book corner. When Mrs Wilmann isn't looking, I like to steal apples from her desk too. I also put my nose in her cup of water - she told me off but then gave me the whole thing. I know she loves me really! She gives me sausages when I have been a good boy. I have spent time with the children on the playground and also in their classrooms too. I'm happy it is half term though - I'm ready for a nap.  



Start of Term 3

It's so good to be back in school to see all of the children - they think my new hair cut is great and they reckon I've got a lot bigger over Christmas (I blame the treats)! I have had a really busy start to the term as I have been in lots of classes over the past two weeks. My favourite moment has got to have been when I was out on the playground with Year 5 when they were doing PE. The children were practising their passes in netball and I decided that I wanted to be a defender so I tried taking the balls away from them. Mr Turner wasn't impressed - apparently I was getting in the way. I also tried joining in with cheerleading and football club - I reckon I could make the team if I keep going. When I was in Meerkats, I spotted the meerkat toys on the shelf. Miss Downs moved them out of my way so I couldn't get them but I'm sure I'll find a way. I just need to be a little bit taller.  



I had such a lovely Christmas break. It all started when I spent the day with Miss Downs and her doggies (Toby and Archie). Archie is a cockerpoo pup like me and we had great fun running around and playing all day. Archie wasn't so keen and I don't think he liked me very much - he didn't want to join in our games. Maybe he is just too old! I also got to spend time with Miss Jackson and Miss Bans over the holidays - they love having me round for sleepovers! On Christmas Eve, I got in lots of trouble - I stole the carrot that had been left out for Rudolph! Everyone knows I love carrots so I can't really get the blame for taking it, can I? Christmas day was so much fun - I got to open all of my presents all by myself. Lots of people bought me fluffy toys, which obviously only lasted for minutes - you know how I love to pull the fluff out of everything! Some of the children had bought me presents too - they lasted much longer (they know that I need toys that I can chew on). I have had another hair cut (ready for the new term) - somehow I now have spots in my fur. Apparently, I look like a dalmation (whatever one of them is). I am really looking forward to going back to school to see all of the children - I miss them so much!





Term 2 Week 7

Wow! I am getting so sleepy! This term is never ending! Luckily, the children have kept me going. They have been so busy this week - they have all performed wonderfully in their Christmas performances and I've loved spending time in their classrooms when they have not been bust rehearsing in the hall. I have been given some early Christmas presents too and I was even allowed to open them myself - I love this idea of Christmas! I wonder if it happens every year. On Friday, I was dressed up in my new Christmas jumper. Everyone though I looked really cute. I wasn't keen on the reindeer antlers though - they lasted all of 5 seconds. At the weekend, I spent some time on the beach. It was freezing cold but I still had loads of fun running around on the stones. I had the shock of my life when my feet got wet though - the sea was so cold! Also, I met another dog, who looked a bit like me. I think she is the one - I love her. Unfortunately, I don't think she feels the same. All I wanted to do was sniff her and play but I think I am a bit too bouncy for her at the moment. Maybe when I am a bit older, she will love me too.  I've been told that next week, I am only in school for three days and then it is the holidays. I can't wait for a rest but I know I will miss the children so much.




Term 2 Week 6

I have had such a busy week this week. I have spent loads of time in different classrooms and I love seeing all of the children. They like giving me cuddles and sometimes, they even give me treats. When I am not with the children, I have been asleep most of the week. This is a really long term and I am definitely getting ready for a rest. Lots of the classrooms have trees up in them - I love trees! The one in Meerkats class fell over when I was in there - absolutely nothing to do with me! I was meant to be helping the children in Year 6 to publish their amazing writing but I got a bit distracted by the baubles. It has been so cold this week. At the weekend, this white stuff started to fall from the sky. I tried to catch it all but I couldn't quite manage it. I had great fun running around the garden in it all though - apparently it is called snow. Whatever this snow stuff is, I think it's great! Hopefully more will fall out of the sky soon.




Term 2 Week 5

I think I am starting to get the hang of all of this Christmas stuff now. It's actually really fun but I am getting into trouble sometimes as I get a bit too involved. The children have been making some wonderful decorations that Rupert has hung up in the hall. I tried really hard not to try to take one when I was in Giraffes class but I got caught red pawed! I've had so much fun in lots of different classes this week. Sometimes the children have been singing and dancing (I think there are some kind of performances going on soon) and sometimes they have been hard at work with writing and other tasks that are far too tricky for pups like me to understand. Some of the children in Year 2 read me their story this week - I was so impressed! Year 4 children have also been reading to me too - I love sitting with them in the book corner and listening to their stories. It really relaxes me. I still got to enjoy PE this week though even though it was freezing! Mrs Hunnisett bought me a Christmas jumper to wear but it looked more like a crop top when she put it on me. Luckily, she has bought me a new one that fits me much better. I've decided that I don't like travelling in the back of the car anymore so I now sit in the front. Mrs Hunnisett covers me up in a blanket so that I can stay nice and warm - that's when I'm not watching the traffic go by. Usually, I fall asleep within minutes of being in the car though - being at school makes me so tired. At the weekend, I tried to help out at home with all of the decorations. As one bauble was put on the tree, I took another one off. Apparently, that's not what is meant to happen! I think the baubles look great on the floor - much easier to kick around. I've been for some long walks this week too - I always end up being so muddy! I love it! It's just a shame about needing to have a bath when I get home - I hate baths!



Term 2 Week 4

I had a really bad start to the week this week. On Monday, I somehow lost my parrot toy and I also thought that it would be a good idea to bite the eye off of my new seal toy and pull all of the stuffing out of it. Mrs Wilmann was not happy with me leaving all of the fluff over the floor in her office and Mrs Hunnisett then threw the remains of my seal in the bin. One day down, two toys gone! I also managed to leave my new bone on the field this week and I couldn't find it for days. Luckily, one of the children in EYFS found it on Friday afternoon and returned it to me. I love the children at Maypole - they are so kind to me. I've spent so much time in the different classes this week - in fact, I have been in every year group. It has meant that I have been so sleepy in the evenings. It was Mrs Hunnisett's birthday this week so I had to help her to undo her presents - I left the pink tissue paper all over the house. Apparently, I will have some of my own presents to open soon - something to do with Christmas (whatever that is)! On Friday, I went to the pub after school with some of the teachers - the wine glass is definitely not mine! By the weekend, I was exhausted so I had a lovely nap on Saturday afternoon, all cuddled up warm and cosy. On one of my weekend walks, I came across a rather large animal - I was told that it was a cow. It was big, smelly and made a lot of noise! I've been really fussy with my food this week and at one point, I was considering becoming a vegetarian - then I decided against it and I am now eating better again. I've been told that I will have a really busy week again next week and that the Christmas tree is going up in the hall - there's that word again (Christmas). Apparently, I'm not allowed near the tree - yeah right! I love a tree! It's only a matter of time before I get my teeth into it!  



Term 2 Week 3

I've been so busy this week but I have still found some time to keep stealing other people's things. Pens, pencils and glue sticks are my favourites - well, if they are left laying around, what else do you expect me to do? Mr Allen gave me a new fluffy toy to keep this week. It's a seal and it's nearly the same size as me. I've been told that it needs to stay in school though and that I can't take it home - I don't understand why. I also took a small parrot toy from the Rainbow Room this week. Mrs Brown said that I could keep it. I've already bitten the eyes off of it and I'm planning to go for the beak next. During the week, I've been in lots of different classrooms and spent time with hundreds of children. Some of the children who used to be quite scared of me are now starting to stroke me, which is good. I'm really not very scary! I even got to go on the playground at break time with the KS2 children one day this week - that was great fun, watching them all run around and play. There was a fire drill this week too and I had to go up to the cage with everyone. We have so many people in school and most of the children did really well to stay calm and quiet during the fire drill. On Friday, I got very confused by what everyone was wearing. Lots of the children looked really fluffy like me (maybe they were trying to dress up like me or maybe they wanted me to play with them so they dressed up like my fluffy toys instead). It took me a while to realise they were all in their pyjamas for Children in Need. I've been hearing lots of songs being sung around school this week too. I think the children may be getting ready for something but I'm not sure what. They all sound fantastic though. I'll catch up with you all next week.




Term 2 Week 2

I've been in a bit of trouble this week - it must be something about the second week of term. I have found lots of things to chew on that I'm not meant to be chewing on and I've also been caught taking things out of classrooms and handbags. Luckily, Mrs Martin said I could have the apple that I'd stolen from her bag and Miss Jackson said I could keep the ball that I'd found on the floor in Zebras classroom. I've also had a new crate bought for me this week as I managed to break free from my other one - Mrs Hunnisett has nicknamed me Houdini (whatever that means). I've spent some time in classrooms with the children this week and I was also allowed to play football with Tigers class in PE on Thursday. They were kicking footballs around and I couldn't help but chase them. Miss King had to try hard to keep up with me as I was still on my lead. I spent some time with the children in Giraffes class this week too - they were all lovely and they gave me some treats. I'm really looking forward to next week as I know I'll be seeing lots of the children and hopefully I will get over my thieving habit too.



Term 2 Week 1

I have loved being back in school this week and getting back to my usual routine. The children were so excited to see me and lots of them even commented on my new hair cut! Some of the children have even brought me new tennis balls to play with - the children at Maypole are so kind and caring. I love them all. On Wednesday, I thought I was helping to judge the pumpkin carving competition - I got caught with my head inside a pumpkin in Tigers classroom. Mr Turner had to distract me and take me away - he said I wasn't allowed to eat the children's efforts. I did find out that I really do like pumpkin though. I'm looking forward to next week in school - I have been told that I will be helping out in PE on the field (maybe I'll be allowed to run around with a football). Sheep have won 'Buster's Book Club' this week so I will spend some time with them next week - I really do like their display just as you enter their classroom but I keep being told not to take the leaves and twigs off of it. Giraffes won 'Best Behaved Class' this week so I will be spending time with them next week too. I'm still trying to learn not to take everything that doesn't belong to me, including books, but I still have a way to go with this. What do you expect? I am only still a puppy! 



Half Term!

Finally, I got to have a break! I have really enjoyed sleeping in later and having afternoon naps on the sofa. Even though I've not been at school, I have still been a busy boy. It all started when I decided that I didn't like my bed anymore so the best use of my time was to tear it to pieces - Mrs Hunnisett said that she would buy me a new one (but only when I have stopped destroying things - she may be waiting some time!). I've also been for a lot of long walks this week, which meant getting really muddy. One day, I had two baths in the same day but that was also because I was caught digging in the garden. Muddy footprints all over the house are not acceptable! On Friday, I went to have my hair cut. Now I look like a smart boy, all ready for the new term - I smell pretty good too! It is definitely much colder without all of my long coat though but it's ok, I've started a collection of winter jumpers. I've spent a lot of time chewing and playing with my toys too. My teeth are still hurting me a bit but they are not as bad as they were before half term. Not being in a routine has confused me a lot so I will be glad to get back to school to settle back to normality - and it will also be good to see the children too.



Term 1 Week 7

I have had a great week in school this week - I even managed to sit still for my school photo to be take - what do you think of it? I have spent a lot of time in classes with the children and have also met lots of parents during parents evenings. I loved playing on the field with the EYFS children as they were all hitting tennis balls for me to chase after. It was like being in heaven! At one point, I didn't know which one to pick up first! On Wednesday, I went home with Mrs Gosden for the night. She has another dog at her house called Barney. He is much older and much bigger than me but I think he liked me, other than when I tried to get on his bed with him. Friday was so much fun - all of the children were on the playground and they all had balloons! After a countdown, all of the balloons were released into the air and the children were jumping around excitedly. Last time I was on the playground with them all, I was really scared but this time I was fine. Maybe I am becoming more confident? On a negative note, my teeth have been playing me up this week and I've even had some fall out. One of them was found on the floor in the KS2 library! I've been told that I'm starting to get my big boy teeth but all I know is that they really hurt at the moment and I keep trying to chew everything - then I get told off! Mrs Hunnisett said that I need to keep a bone in my mouth when I am with the children so I don't try to nibble at their clothes - it's hard to remember this at times, especially when there are jumpers left on the floor. You'd think by now that the children would know that I pick up everything in my path! I have been told that it is half term next week (whatever that means) and that I am going to have a hair cut. I hope all of the children will still recognise me!  



Term 1 Week 6

This week has been really tiring in school. I have been trying to help the teachers out as it has been assessment week and they all seem really busy. My idea of stealing their highlighters and pens didn't go down too well though! I thought I'd help Miss Ingle, Mrs Hunnisett and Miss Griffin on Monday afternoon but apparently I was more of a hindrance than a help - oh well, I did try! I have spent a lot of time in Foals this week too as they were the best behaved class last week. All of the children were so excited to see me and they gave me lots of cuddles. I have also spent time in Ducklings this week as they gave the most bookmarks back in for Buster's Book Club last week. The children were really calm around me, which made me feel happy to be with them. Some children still shout my name when they see me in the corridors - it's like I'm famous! During the week, I've spent time in lots of classes across the school. Sometimes the teachers take me round on my lead to see the children when they are working and sometimes I lay in my crate and watch what the children are doing. I've also had two sleepovers this week - one with Miss Bans and one with Mrs Howes. I was a really good boy at their houses and I even got to see another dog. I think I'm getting much more confident around other dogs - they are not as scary as I first thought! One day this week, I found a ball on the field. I tried to claim it as my own but I think I left it in Bears classroom with Mr Allen. I bet he has put it somewhere out of my reach! By the end of the week, I was so tired that I slept most of the way home in the car. Mrs Hunnisett let me travel in the front seat so she could keep an eye on me. Sometimes I try to chew on the seatbelts and I get told off. I know that next week is really busy again - I wonder when I will have a break?




Term 1 Week 5

I've had such an exciting week this week. I've spent a lot of time in different classrooms, getting to know the children and finding out what they are learning about. They all remember so much - I don't think I'll ever be able to keep up! I've also been helping to get the library set up in KS2. My job was finding all of the pens and pencils that had been left on the floor - I thought I was helping by chewing the lids off but the children told me that I wasn't allowed to chew them and that I had to give them back instead. The children in Chicks class were lovely to me this week too. They all stroked me and gave me treats - they didn't even mind when I licked their hands. Mrs Hunnisett keeps telling me to stop licking everything - I'm just being friendly! On Wednesday night, I had my first ever sleepover when I went home with Miss Vickery. I was a really good boy and slept in my bed all night long without crying or barking. I've been told that I am having two more sleepovers next week - the teachers love spending time with me, just like the children do. Next week will be really busy for me - I am spending time in Foals (as they were the best behaved this week) and I am also spending time in Ducklings (as they handed in the most bookmarks for Buster's Book Club). Maybe the children in Ducklings will read to me next week and I can try to sit still to listen to them. I wonder what else the week will bring?



Term 1 Week 4

What a busy week I've had! On Monday, my trainer came into school and I learnt how to listen to children reading (without trying to steal their books). It was so much fun because I was given a lot of treats but it was also really tiring. I know that sitting still and listening to the children is something that I will still need to work on but I reckon I'll be able to do it really well soon enough. I've also been spending some time in Sheep class this week. I had great fun with the children and they all seemed really excited to see me too. Some of the children were chasing me and I got a bit too excited and started jumping up - I think I scared a few of them and Mrs Hunnisett told me off. I must try harder to stay calm! I found myself in a sticky situation on Wednesday too - I thought it would be a good idea to roll in fox poo - apparently, it wasn't my best move. Luckily, the EYFS children said that I could borrow one of their baby baths and I had to be washed before I was allowed to have a nap. I also joined the children on the playground and they were all doing some strange dance moves. All of them moving, singing and dancing at once was a bit much for me to cope with. I wanted to join in but I got too scared so I went back inside to my bed instead. On Thursday, I spent some time in with Tigers class when they were busy learning. I couldn't help but get distracted by Lions class, who were on the playground throwing tennis balls about. Everyone knows I can't resist a tennis ball! I was given a bucket full of them earlier this week - the children and parents at Maypole are so kind to me. For some reason, I was ill on Thursday so I had Friday off of school. I missed the children and staff so much and I can't wait to come back in on Monday. I've been told that I will be seeing the children in Chicks class this week as they have been the best behaved - I can't wait to see them all. I hope they like me!



 Term 1 Week 3

Good news! I've been much better behaved this week and haven't been in Timeout at all. I've been far too busy with the children and staff to get into too much trouble. I have loved my time in with the children in Lions class this week - I think they enjoyed it too. They gave me treats and threw my ball for me so I could chase it. I have also started to visit lots of other classes to check who I think should be the best behaved class. It has been such a difficult decision to make but next week, I will be spending my lunch times with Sheep class. I'm really excited about it because I've not spent much time in KS1 so far. After school on Wednesday, Mrs Fry bought her dog, Belle, in to meet me. We had great fun running around the field together (see my video below). In the mornings, I've been meeting the children as they've come into school and some afternoons, I've been able to see them as they leave too. Everyone tries to make a fuss of me, which is nice, but I'm more interested in seeing what I can find to chew on. Leaves and twigs are my favourites! I've also been in with some of the Year 6 children during Guided Reading this week. I tried to listen carefully to what they were saying but sometimes I got a bit distracted. My trainer is coming into school next week so hopefully she will be able to help me to focus more. This is the first week that I have been in school every day and I am definitely ready for the weekend. I wonder what next week will bring!



 Term 1 Week 2

What a busy week I have had! I have spent time with the children in Tigers class this week as they were the best behaved class last week - I can see why. All of the children in Tigers have been calm and welcoming when I have been with them this week. They have also been quiet, which has helped me not to worry. I liked the fuss that they made of me and they also gave me treats. Some of the children tried getting me to do some of my tricks too - I'm getting really good at 'sit', 'lay', 'stay', 'roll' and 'speak'. I've been told that I will be spending my lunchtimes with Lions class next week - I can't wait! I've also been running around and chasing after my tennis ball on the field at break time. It's really noisy outside at break and I'm glad that the children have been on the playground rather than up on the field. I'm still getting used to how busy school is so hearing them all from a distance is helping me a lot. I've also heard that all classes have decided that they want to spend time with me for a reward for good attendance and punctuality - I wonder what my reward will be for good attendance and punctuality? I'm going to be welcoming the children into school in the mornings from next week and saying goodbye to them at the gate at the end of the day. I hope everyone doesn't try to crowd me like they did last week - I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. I've been bought a new coat to help keep me warm and protect me from the rain - I'd rather be tucked up in my bed when it's raining to be honest. With all of that going on, I hope I get some time for a nap. Unfortunately, I did go to Timeout this week - chewing through leads is not appropriate behaviour apparently. I will try harder to behave myself next week.

Term 1 Week 1

I have been getting used to life at Maypole this week. It is very different compared to the summer holidays. There are a lot more people around and it is noisier too. During the holidays, I was allowed to walk around school off of my lead but now I have to keep it attached - hopefully I can be free again soon! I am still learning about where I am allowed to go and what I am allowed to do. I love running around on the field and when I am tired, I sleep in my bed in the office with Mrs Hunnisett, Mrs Brown and Mrs Caselton. On Wednesday, I met the children from Years 1 - 6 in assembly. My heart was pounding - I've never seen that many people in one place before! All of the staff make me feel safe and they like to stroke and cuddle me a lot. The children seem to be really lovely but some of them are quite loud and it scares me at times. I've been told that I will spend some time with the children in the best behaved class next week - I'm a bit nervous about it because some children keep trying to grab hold of me when I walk down the corridors but I will try to be brave. I am looking forward to relaxing over the weekend - being in school is very tiring!